I'm David.



For three years, I created interactive product trainings for all of Rockford Corporation's brands. For two of those years I worked alone, finally to be joined by a talented friend who prompted me to become a true developer.

1. Research

I first learn the brands. Learn everything about the products. Began prototyping the training views and texturing the products in 3D.

2. Create

The trainings ran natively on Mac or Windows PCs. I used tools by Macromedia and Photoshop to create easy-to-run mini-applications.

3. Publish

Each year, new trainings would be sent out to all Rockford Corp resellers (the largest being Best Buy). I kept the trainings updated to reflect new products and an ever changing brand strategy.

I was also able to mix 3D, video and music to create videos for the trainings (like the one for Q-Logic below).